Que Sera Sera

Cringe Army: Christmas Mission

Do you want to be in the Cringe book? Okay, then here’s what you need to do:

When you go home for the holidays, go find your old teenage diaries and notebooks, and bring them back with you. In a few short days, the official Cringe book submission site will go live, and there will be detailed instructions as to how to send me your stuff. (I need the original material, handwriting and all. Drawings/doodles/spiral art strongly desired.) And don’t forget, because the deadline for getting stuff in for the book is going to be February 1.

But for right now, here’s your mission: go home, eat a lot, maybe go to the bar, drink with friends, run into an ex you are so glad you are no longer with, get a ride home, watch Nick at Nite in your parents’ darkened living room while your dad snores on the couch, then wander upstairs to your old bedroom and find the box or drawer full of your old notebooks. You can either read through them then, all half-drunk and dry-eyed, or you can bring them back to your current home and read them there, but no matter what, be prepared to be tapped. Things are going to start happening to you now.

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