Que Sera Sera

Trivia #4:

Wherein I reveal trivial things about un-trivial people. I’ve done it again and again and again. I am a machine. I am also a machine when it comes to trivia.

My brother once had E. coli meningitis.

Tony shrugs and says “it must be the money” in the most casual, off-hand way and it makes me laugh everytime.

Emily cried during the part in The Two Towers when the white horse ran down the hill in slow motion and I will never let her forget it.

Erin is a real-life sexy librarian.

Brian B.’s bachelor party allegedly included both a drunk clown and a mariachi band.

Laura had never seen one single episode of Seinfeld until last week.

Ryan once got me kicked out of a bar, and while doing so, fulfilled one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Josh has let me cut his hair when we were both shitfaced three times now. (I’ve used this one before, but it keeps happening, and the haircuts turn out to be so unbelievably good, it really bears repeating.)

My father once lost a tooth during a bar fight in Japan when he was in the Navy. He does not like telling this story, or being asked about it.

Cameron is both the creator and owner of the most bad-ass robot costume known to man.

Joey once woke me up with the gift of Robert Pollard’s shot glass, but what I really wanted was a sandwich.

Kerry and I once made a bet to see who could be the first to slap everyone’s ass at a party where we knew no one.

My mother always has a red Tootsie Roll Pop somewhere in her purse.

I was almost a hand model. No shit.

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