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Little-known facts about people you don’t know. No links, no further info. How fun for you!

My brother currently has a mohawk and can recite pi up to 80 digits.

Tony won our school and city spelling bees in sixth grade.

Emily loves the movie Xanadu so much, her dad bought her tickets to see Olivia Newton-John in concert.

Erin can’t straighten her middle finger on her left hand because once she cut it on a wine glass and was too drunk to go to the emergency room in time.

Laura can breakdance, but gets mad when you tell this to people in bars, because then they all want to see her do it.

Josh wrote me a very nice letter in 1993, likening his affection for me to Metallica’s “Fade to Black.”

My father can run 26 miles in a row without anyone even chasing him.

Brian M. once dyed his hair bright blue and sent me the clippings in a tiny ziploc bag. It was very soft. (The hair, not the bag.)

Kate’s mom won Wheel of Fortune when we were in the sixth grade. Word she won on: eggnog.

Mikey once labeled a videotape of hot girl-on-girl action “Matlock” so his roommates wouldn’t watch it, only to have his parents put it in the VCR when they visited.

Kerry won the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey’s Pimp of the Year contest in 1997, handing out business cards that read “Momma K’s High-Priced Bitches.”

Brian B. devoted an entire year of his college newspaper column to rating different Chinese buffet restaurants.

My mother maintained a 4.0 grade point average from kindergarten to college.

Alex had her leg broken after junior prom while standing on a balcony that fell off the side of the house.

Christina is the whitest girl I know and dances like she’s a crazed native.

Brian P. came over to my house after school every Wednesday in third grade to give me jump rope lessons. He never saw through my ruse to just have him over at my house until I admitted my intentions in high school.

I use a small picture of Tony Soprano as a bookmark.

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