Que Sera Sera

Trivia #2:

Even more little-known facts about people you don’t know. No links, no further info. How fun for you! Again!

My brother had so many freak accidents growing up, we had to start taking him to different emergency rooms so they didn’t think we were abusing him.

Tony wore a T-shirt on his first day at a new school in the third grade that read “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

Emily is a punk rock Martha Stewart who makes sugar cookies in the shape of a hand giving the goat for her boyfriend’s band’s shows.

Erin has a homemade Inspirational Hedwig poster hanging over her makeup mirror.

Laura was once given a warning by Fidel Castro’s bodyguards for getting too close to him while taking his picture.

Josh has let me cut his hair while we were both drunk on two separate occasions.

My father has three cassette tapes in his car: the Beatles’ Rubber Soul, Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and ZZ Top’s Eliminator.

Brian M. arches one eyebrow better than anyone on the planet.

Kate tried to hide her Tupac Shakur tape under her Natalie Merchant and Jeff Buckley albums when we were roommates.

Mikey does the most unbelievably believable Sammy Davis, Jr. for an Irish guy.

Kerry looks just like Audrey Hepburn when she dyes her hair brown.

Brian B. bought all the groomsmen in his wedding authentic Mexican wrestling masks as thank you gifts.

My mother writes the contents of all our Christmas presents on the sides of the packages every year in shorthand.

Alex gives everyone a nickname the minute she’s introduced to them.

Christina applied to three grad schools only—in Hawaii, Vancouver, and Amsterdam.

Brian P. loves Shiner Bock beer so much, his wife booked him on a tour of the brewery. In Texas. They live in California.

I have never seen the movie Dirty Dancing all the way through, nor do I ever plan to do so.

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