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Trivia #3: Electric Bugalee

I put that title up there as a placeholder, but now I’m leaving it. Can you even deal?

Previous installments of this feature can be found here and here. I changed up the list a little bit because I can if I want to. Enjoy!

My brother wears so much cologne it makes the baby Jesus cry.

Tony is the only one who remembers whether that guy I kind of dated for a few weeks the summer before our senior year was named John Cunningham or John Williams. In fact, I am going to call him right now and ask again.

Emily has such a tiny mouth, her dentist gives her child-size toothbrushes. (Note: if you make any unseemly comments about this, I will cut you.)

Erin and Brian B. walked out of their wedding to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Not the reception; the wedding.

Laura is set to be the toast of Bavaria in less than two weeks. Germany, consider yourself warned.

Ryan has the nickname “Neopolitan,” and even though the story behind it is so good, I’ll never tell.

Josh has a tattoo of an atom on his bicep. It’s pretty hot.

My father sends me emails about limericks in the form of a limerick. (I’m sorry, but this bears repeating.)

Cameron once encouraged everyone at a party to take “knifehits,” like that was even a thing.

Joey partook in said knifehits. Several times.

Christina used to sing “Bad Boys” by Puffy and Ma$e in rounds with me while I showered and she got dressed.

Kerry accompanied me to my very first adult bookstore. We were looking for Playboy and left with Hombres Latinos.

My mother was born in Texas and raised in Canada.

I cannot believe I just used the words “Hombres Latinos” and “my mother” in such close succession.

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