Que Sera Sera

Been tryin' to meet you

Every morning when I switch from the Q to the 6 train at Canal Street, I pass a guy in on the stairs who I am 99% sure is the same guy who used to pick up back-up tapes every day at my old ad agency in Tulsa. And every morning, I look him in the eye and try to think of some way to relay this to him in the two seconds we pass each other. Short of yelling “Hey!” or carrying a sign that says HELLO SIR I AM ALSO FROM TULSA, I have no idea. I mostly want to high-five him for escaping to New York as well, but also I’m realizing with each passing morning that he’s kind of cute, so there’s that. I mean, if we ended up together, it would make the holidays so much more convenient, so I’m willing to build on that. Any bright and realistic ideas, internet?

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