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I recently spent a day shopping with Maggie Mason. Friends, you have not shopped until you have shopped with Maggie Mason. There is a reason Forbes named Mighty Goods the number one shopping site to ever exist in the universe: the eye on that girl is exact, like a blade. A laser. Possibly a whip. Can one have an eye like a whip? Let’s say yes.

The night before the shopping trip, Heather told me, “She is going to suggest a lot of things that will look good on you, and you should trust her. Wholly and completely. She will not lead you astray from all that is lovely.”

I am so glad I followed this advice.

I’m not the biggest shopper myself; I’m actually much better at shopping for other people. I can pick out a great outfit or perfect makeup for a friend, but I personally always end up in a black shirt, jeans, and ponytail. I am basically the Kristy Thomas of fashion. But Maggie surpassed my own personal shopper abilities in leaps and bounds, as someone with a superhero moniker rightly should.

We went to the flagship H&M early, had it all to ourselves, and little pregnant Maggie Mason walked that entire store picking out clothes for me, clothes I would have never picked up myself. She would glance at me and say, “You have good shoulders, you have good legs,” and then grab clothing and pronounce, “This would look GREAT on you!” and I would remember Heather’s advice and say, “Oh! Do you think?” and try not to make a worried face because I do not at this moment have anything turquoise in my closet.

Then she came right into the dressing room with me and helped me try everything on, and man, sister was dead on. Who knew I could pull off bright orange? Maggie Mason, apparently! I also ended up with this awesome sheer kimono-like thing, and another top that shows way more decolletage than I would have ever thought acceptable. AND THEY ALL LOOK GOOD. After twenty nine years, my wardrobe might be finally edging in to some Claudia Kishi/Stacey McGill territory! Only with more cleavage.

(Boys, are you even still reading this? If you are and you got those literary references, email me. I am looking to be someone’s hag.)

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