Que Sera Sera

I also thought that every time people had sex, they got pregnant. Thanks, Oklahoma public schools.

Earlier today I tweeted: "Due to a poor explanation when I was a kid, I spent 15 years wondering how eunuchs peed." Matthew Baldwin replied: "I thought that lions and tigers were the males and females of a single species. No explanation though, I was just dumb."

I've had these conversations with friends in the past, and I always love hearing the weird incorrect facts from childhood that other people have kept in their heads without reconsidering until the moment it hits them. I had a (very smart) friend who thought that the Grand Canyon was perfectly and smoothly concave, like a cereal bowl, until we were seniors in high school. My husband thought that the world was actually in black and white in the past until an embarrassingly late age. I hate to end a blog post with a question, but I sincerely would love to hear: do you have any of these?

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