Que Sera Sera


I thought 2011 was hard and then 2012 showed up, full of all kindsa crap like multiple family health issues and other stresses and just tons more gray hairs.

I won't be glib and tell 2012 not to let the door hit it on the ass on its way out, because if there's one thing it taught me it's that scary things can happen to the people you love at any moment, so even if it was a shit year, it was still a year I got to have. I'm lucky that the people I love are still here. I'm pretty sure it was the year I became a shittier friend, and I feel bad about that. I wonder if I'll ever be able to balance all the people and things who are important to me. Just like how I updated this blog regularly in my head, I also planned all kinds of thoughtful gestures in my head, all year long. Maybe in 2013 I'll stop just thinking of doing nice things for people and actually do them in real life.

So this is a downer! Lots of great stuff also happened this year, like Nick getting his green card, and karaoke nights and zoo outings and birthday boat voyages and Rhanksgiving, and watching my best girl Danielle kick ass with her book, and our trip to England, and my best baby being born, and basically just every Friday night Nick and I spent watching QI or listening to records under our reggies. Nick remains #1 with a bullet on any list of good things about my life, barf I know but man, that guy. Cringe made me happy; London Cringe made me super happy. My parents came out on top with their health and my brother now has a house with a guest bedroom. Browns doin' all right.

Remember when I used to list all the best stuff of the year? I haven't done that since 2008. Let's take that for a spin, liven this up a bit.

Best book I read in 2012: American Gods
Best book I read published in 2012: Bring Up the Bodies
Best TV show I watched in 2012: Seasons 1 & 2 of The Hour
Best movie I saw in 2012: Skyfall
Worst movie I saw in 2012: Friends With Kids
Song I listened to most in 2012: Bill Withers, "Heartbreak Road"
Album I listened to most in 2012: Urbie Green, Blues and Other Shades of Green
Best purchase of 2012: TIE: Kindle Fire/new glasses
Best baby of 2012: my best (friends') baby
Best photobomb of 2012: Nick, Amy Adams, Calvin Klein, NY Fashion Week
Best drink of 2012: this cocktail they made for me at Weather Up on our anniversary and then they said they'd name it after me but they misheard my name. It was gin, champagne, St. Germain, lime juice and simple syrup. You know, a Sam Brown.

I have a few personal goals for the new year, but I have one you can get in on with me if you like: 2013 will be the year I start loudly and publicly shaming women who peed on the seat before me in restrooms. Join my cause! You will know us by our call: "HEY, YOU PEED ON THE SEAT AND DIDN'T CLEAN IT UP." Seriously, how is this an issue? How precious and neurotic do you have to be that you're afraid to sit on a toilet? It's 2013 and horrible things happen every day, so just put your ass on the seat already. It's your ASS. That's what it's FOR.

Happy new year. I hope your 2013 involves more love and less strangers' urine.

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