Que Sera Sera

Today I am my own spirit animal

I had a gross taste in my mouth just now and ate one of the little chocolate donuts in the box on the kitchen table to get rid of it. They were half price and 2 for 1, which means we have also have a box of plain little donuts on the kitchen table. This means that I grocery-shopped recently while under the unholy trinity of hungry, cranky and premenstrual. This also means that I am someone who uses a little chocolate donut as a palate cleanser without even thinking about it.

I spent today hanging out with Nick and his mom, who took a train into town all the way from Lower Duckling especially to see us. I really like Nick's mom, probably because in a lot of ways she’s very similar to her son. We had lunch, then came back to the house and spent the afternoon gossiping while it rained outside. A cat sat on my lap. We ate fruit tarts and drank tea. They are going to make me English if I stay here much longer.

Nick took his mom to her train and headed to work, and I have an evening ahead of me of switching between the two books I’m reading and doing my crossword puzzles from my favorite crossword puzzle book with my special crossword puzzle pen. Hey, seven year old me who used to get grounded from going to the library, and got excited when it was rainy because it made it easier to pretend you lived in the first chapters of the Narnia books, before they actually get sent to Narnia: things are going to work out in our favor.

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