Que Sera Sera


If you're at all like me, this list of scents worn by famous people is a fun skim. Here are some highlights (no idea how true these are):

My grandmother’s name was Joy and she always had a large glass bottle of Joy on her vanity. My grandma bought a lot of Avon perfumes but I remember we gave her a White Shoulders gift set every Christmas. My unofficial godmother has worn Chanel No. 5 for as long as I can remember, and bought me a bottle when I was out of college. My mother wore L’Air du Temps and First by Van Cleef & Arpels when I was little, and wears Pleasures by Estée Lauder now. I used to swear by Philosophy Pure Grace, but I’m fickle with scents, even basic clean ones. I wore that one for years and now it reminds me of 2007. 2007 was great, but now I want to smell like something new.

At the moment I wear the perfume Nick bought me for Christmas. Neither of us can ever remember its name: I call it #4 Privet Drive and he calls it Hedgerow Porn, which turned into both of us referring to it as the Harry Potter Porn Perfume -- not something easy to ask for in a shop. It’s nice and light, but a bit more floral than I usually go for. Every time I go to Liberty, I ask for a sample of Blanche by Byredo. It smells like a very clean, calm rich lady. I will roll over and let you sell me that image, Byredo: a lady with mo money and no problems. However, a bottle costs £115, which even if I were an untroubled rich woman would still seem like a pretty frivolous purchase, especially when the samples last so long.

The other day we were walking through Selfridge’s and I stopped at the Jo Malone counter. Eventually Nick got bored with being bored and started sniffing around as well, and he picked up a bottle. “This one. I like this one, you should get this one.” I looked and it was the same one I bought on my first trip to England three years ago. So there’s £64 saved. Maybe I’ll be that problem-free rich lady sooner than I think, but I’ll still smell like 2007 to me.

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