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Guess what

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Nick asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

I promise to tell the story of how he proposed just as soon as I can go five minutes without my phone ringing. I had no idea how many relatives I had until yesterday. Until I tell that story, I will tell you my favorite story about the day we met.

I was in Antonia’s living room on a Sunday morning, fresh off a flight after a week in Dublin, just sitting on the couch having tea, and Nick came downstairs and introduced himself. Only later did I learn that Nick first came downstairs fifteen minutes before, in his bathrobe, grumpy and in search of coffee, and peeked in through the kitchen, saw me on the couch, and immediately went back upstairs and took a shower and put on his best stripey jumper and spent the next twelve hours hanging out with us.

For the record, yesterday was not the first time Nick has suggested we get married. The first time was approximately 48 hours after we’d met. Even then, my first reaction was, “Eh, I would totally marry this guy,” which is a sentence I could never even think inside my own brain about any previous boyfriends without having a panic attack.

So yes! I am totally going to marry this guy and we’re going to have adorable children with magnificent heads of hair.

Thank you in advance for being so happy and supportive, Internet. I always knew you guys were all right.

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