Que Sera Sera

Tulsa Cringe Tonight

Hello. I hope you had a merry Christmas. If you’re in Tulsa, I hope you’ll come to Tulsa Cringe tonight at Cosmo Cafe at 7 pm. Feel free to bring something you’d like to read.

I’ve been going through a box of notebooks in my old bedroom trying to find something new to read tonight since by now I think everyone on the planet has heard what happened at the mall on January 5, 1991. So far I’ve found a poem my high school boyfriend wrote about Malcolm X, an eighth grade homework assignment about how I thought Anne Frank was different from other teenagers, and the pull tab from my first beer. I should have kept my first condom wrapper as well and made a Sin Scrapbook like the weird premature grandma I was. Unfortunately, none of this is good enough to read at Cringe, so I hope you’ll come and show me up.

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