Que Sera Sera

Tulsa Cringe

I booked a Tulsa Cringe for the day after Christmas, which made sense until I stopped to think about all the censoring this would require while reading. Oh well. We’re all past that now, right? Whatever, I’m still not admitting who “He” was. Because there’s a good chance that He will probably be there.

Friday, December 26, 7 pm
Cosmo Cafe
6746 S Memorial Drive, Tulsa OK

I’m having it at a coffeehouse that serves alcohol instead of a smoky bar downtown so that pregnant ladies will be able to come.

You know you’ll be home for the holidays, and you know where your diary is still hidden at your parents’ house. If you’d like to read, please email me.

Everyone’s welcome: parents, babies, former crushes, even teenagers.

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