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What I'm Really Thankful For

This beauty came in the mail on Friday, courtesy of Metalia’s husband, who sits at a desk near Karen Moy, who is one of the writers for Mary Worth.

what I'm really thankful for

Do you know how I feel about Mary Worth, internet? Sometimes even I’m not sure how I feel about Mary Worth, but I know those feelings are always strong, and plenty, and that no one else ever wants to talk about Mary Worth as much as I do.

This amazing thing is from the classic storyline with Mary Worth’s stalker, Aldo Kelrast, a Captain Kangaroo lookalike whose name is an anagram for the word "stalker." Aldo eventually met his demise when he drove his car over a cliff. Oh Mary, what you do to us.

I think it goes without saying that this baby is getting a professional matting and framing job and a prime spot on the living room wall.

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