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I finally ended the Mexican standoff with my coccyx-like Links page and updated it. I realize the rest of the internet uses a blogroll or RSS feed or some other sort of mysterious online butler service, but I haven’t even changed my design since 2003, so baby steps. I also realized that there were tons of people I thought I had been linking to for years that I had not. (Hi Alice! Hi Ariel!) That sort of surprised me, but I'm also surprised I'm not 5' 8" every single time I catch my reflection in a mirrored surface. Anyway, I added many great sites, and you should check them out if you’re bored, which of course you are.

Some highlights:

in yr fshn – I know this is a LOLcats reference, which I go on record as loathing, but I like to pretend it’s more like Pssm Dxn or LFTR PLLR. Plus, Jenn manages to find the coolest stuff and really does her research, like about Victorian mourning rings and memento mori jewelry. I’m not into diamonds or that sort of thing—I subscribe to the rule that you should only wear conversation-piece jewelry—so this is right up my alley.

Quinn Heraty provided an invaluable resource to me lately when dealing with the release forms for the Cringe book submissions. If you find yourself in need of an entertainment/music/fashion lawyer, you could do no better. Man, I spent countless hours at age nine pretending I was a fashion lawyer. This mostly meant sitting at a card table in my mom’s sewing room with my friend Cayce and taking highlighters to reams of that green-and-white-striped printer paper my dad brought home from the office for this express purpose. I bet Quinn’s work day is just like that, and then her mom calls her downstairs for a mayonnaise, mustard, cheese and pickle sandwich. Thundercats come on at four!

Hillbilly Heroine will seem very familiar to some of you. I would not steer you wrong.

I will freely admit to you that every morning, I check my email, Flickr, and then I read For Better or For Worse, Mary Worth, and Apartment 3G online, just so I can remain up to date with The Comics Curmudgeon. It’s the non-toxic version of reading blogs of people you secretly hate. Mary Worth is a meddling bitch. Come, loathe her with me.

Maggie and Melissa just launched Mighty Junior this week, which is great because I have an increasing number of friends who don’t just have babies, they have children, and I have no idea what to buy these tiny opinionated people. Reams of printer paper? Highlighters? I am not really at a place in my life where I know these things. QuiĆ©n es Diego? I mean, I rent an apartment and don’t even have a fish anymore. (RIP, Keith Moon.) I am finally at the point where I date men who own endtables and more than one pair of shoes. Somewhere in the distance, my mother pumps her fist in the air with joy.

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