Que Sera Sera


Our flight for Dublin leaves Tuesday at 5 pm, and we land there at 5 am Wednesday. We go from the airport to our hotel, and then I might have time to wash my face and have some coffee before I go for an interview on the Tubridy radio show on Radio 1 at 9 am. I will most definitely be jetlagged, caffeinated, and about two minutes into this brand-new-to-me country, so that should be a good time.

We are flying Aer Lingus and staying in Ballsbridge. I have not yet been able to say this out loud without snickering a few seconds later. Shades of Cockfosters. I never said I was a grown up.

Cringe is at O’Neills Bar on Suffolk Street on Thursday the 23rd. We’ll probably get started at 7:30 pm. Please come up and say hello! Unless your last name is Buttford.

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