Que Sera Sera

It's a reading series, based on the book, based on the reading series.

A very big thanks and high five to everyone who came out to the Cringe book release party at Housing Works last week. Are you sick of hearing about the Cringe book yet? If you said no, please allow me to take care of that for you now.

If you didn’t make it to the release party, or you did but didn’t get your book signed by all the contributors, you’re in luck, because this Wednesday at Freddy’s is a very special All-Book Contributor Cringe, with readings and signings, and if you don’t have your copy yet, you can buy it, right there, in the bar.

Commerce! Humiliation! Fellowship! It’s just like a mega church.

Cringe Reading Night
Wednesday, September 10, 8:30 pm
Freddy’s Bar & Backroom
485 Dean Street (6th Ave. & Dean), Brooklyn
2/3 to Bergen, any train to Atlantic/Pacific
More directions

Cost: as always, free dollars

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