Que Sera Sera

Does this person have webbed feet?

Hello! I am in Sonoma. I am typing this in a coffee house that’s blaring acid jazz while my parents “antique.” I do not do that, as a verb or a noun. We’re having fun, though. We’ve made smores and played 20 Questions, and my father is almost as entertaining at that as my friend Sarah N., although he asks if people are fireproof, or if they smoke Chesterfields, whereas Sarah asks if people are “made of straw” or “can they be milked?”

Seattle was great. Ryan and Anna’s wedding was beautiful and joyful and I was so exhausted and emotional that I had to take a time out at one point and go weep inside a tepee. I think we’ve all been there. I’ll upload pictures soon, so you can all relax and go on with your daily affairs.

An aside: I would like to be congratulated on not once sneaking out of BlogHer to go see The Dark Knight. I made a pact to see it with Josh when I get back, and I am honoring that pact, even though I was twice tempted. I am so faithful to Bale it’s ridiculous. I mean my friends. No, I mean Bale.

I am still guest posting at Mighty Goods, so go, look at that. Don’t cry in any tepees until I get back to New York. We’re all happy.

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