Que Sera Sera

Seattle, Skoal, Mighty Goods Guest Posting

Hello! I’m in Seattle. It’s really bright and sunny and right now I’m sitting on my hotel bed while Tony and Emily read through the Cringe book on theirs. Earlier I had a falafel and then a frozen chocolate cheesecake truffle and now I’m going to take a nap, so things are pretty good.

I had fun in San Francisco. Last night I had a healthy dinner of nachos and Prosecco with Bryan and Maggie Mason, and we started a conversation with the nice Norwegian young men at the table next to us by trying to guess what language they were speaking. They very politely offered us all some Skoal, and Bryan was game, but I told them I was saving my mouth for my husband.

Hi mom!

Starting today, I’m guest posting over at Mighty Goods. I had a lot of fun finding and writing my summer-themed picks, so keep checking in there daily if you’re at all interested in lip gloss, books, and bloody-faced boys on T-shirts.

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