Que Sera Sera


Suddenly, sometime over the past two weeks, I fell back in love with New York. I’m not sure what happened, because I didn’t even want it to touch me for the past year, but it’s back on like crazy. So! I’m going to leave it for three weeks and test our love, just like you should with all healthy adult relationships that you want to grow and last.

Next week I’m headed to the West Coast, my favorite place to be in July. My first stop will be San Francisco, where I’ll be speaking on a panel at BlogHer with Evany Thomas and Melissa Summers, moderated by Maggie Mason. I think it’s a sign of my maturity that I’m just pulling for us to wear fake mustaches during the panel, not fake blood. However, if you come, and you wear fake blood, I will definitely be partial to answering your question first.

After a week in San Francisco, I’m heading to Seattle to for Ryan and Anna’s wedding, where Tony and Emily and Cambot and I will all sleep on an island, in tepees and covered wagons. This is my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and I’m really excited about it. Pacific Northwesterners, I imagine you are all coated in fleece and as nice as my Seattle-born roommate, Albee, so if everyone in Seattle isn’t incredibly chipper and asking me if I want some freshly-baked banana nut bread while we watch My Life on the D-List, I’m going to be really disappointed.

After Seattle, I’m spending a week in Sonoma with my parents, whom I love and miss dearly, but right now they are emailing me daily to ask if they need to pack “long pants” (Dad) and if I think there will be a washer and dryer (Mom), so I’m okay with that part being three weeks away.

Anyway. If you are at any of these places, please say hello. Except for Sonoma, because then you’d be a witness, and we can’t have that.

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