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Plugging 2: Still Plugging

Are you aware that the second Plug anthology is available for purchase? I got my copy yesterday and spent a happy 45 minutes eating chips and dip and reliving Jay Carlson’s funniest bits of genius circa 2003. I think this one is actually funnier than the first one. There were several things I’d forgotten that made me laugh out loud (most of all Here’s Something!). Jay is one of those rare people who is so stuffed with ideas that they must trickle out at a steady rate just to keep his head afloat, and I bet if you had to take the trash out with Jay, he’d be like, Wait, I know, let’s do it like this, and afterwards you’d have this great story to tell at bars.

This would make a great gift for siblings, or friends, or cool cousins, or maybe someone who you really like so far but you’ve only been dating for like a month or so and it’s almost their birthday. DO NOT FREAK THAT PERSON OUT AND BUY THEM A NECKLACE. Buy them this book instead. You can thank me at your wedding.

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