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Book signing, Cringe Wednesday

Cringe is this Wednesday, May 7, at 8:30 pm. Before Cringe, there will be a book signing for the Dooce fatherhood anthology at Soda Bar, from 5:30 – 7:30. I will be there with Heather Armstrong, Alice Bradley, Greg Allen and Doug French. I will be the one signing books as John Grisham and V.C. Andrews.

Soda is just a five minute walk from Freddy’s, so I hope people can make it to both events. I personally hope I can make it to Freddy’s in time to save myself a seat for my own reading.

Cringe Reading Night
Wednesday, May 7, 8:30 pm
Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
485 Dean Street (6th Ave. & Dean), Brooklyn
2/3 to Bergen, any train to Atlantic/Pacific
More directions
Cost: as always, free dollars

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