Que Sera Sera

What Claudia Wore

Francine O. sent me the link to this brilliant site, and if you were a preteen girl at any time in the past twenty years, I promise you at least five minutes of enjoyment. If you were a dorky preteen girl like me, make that thirty.

Claudia was always my favorite member of the BSC, because she was an artist, like me. And because her grandmother Mimi lived with her family, like me. And then her Mimi died, like my Mimi. I felt a kinship. But I wasn’t Japanese and I could spell my way out of a wet paper bag and my mother would have never let me out of the house looking like a human sunset, so that’s where Claudia and I parted ways. But we’ll always have the Phantom Caller. And those gigantic jar lid earrings.

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