Que Sera Sera

The Unstrung Harp

I spent the first half of my day in line at the post office downtown, getting an expedited passport. Then I didn’t hate other human beings enough so I went to Target.

Target was so awful I actually came home and showered to forget about it.

I have spent the past four hours re-organizing my sock and underwear drawers. Do you think it’s too over the top to have a drawer solely for tank tops? I own enough to warrant one, but I don’t know… it seems so decadent. So Candy Spelling.

Right now I’m waiting for a custard to set. It is 1:19 am.

I keep having stress dreams. I think I sleep for about 45 minutes at a time, and while I do, I dream that I’m having screaming fights with people I love, or that I forgot to look after these four orphans until they were all grown up, or that I packed a suitcase for Europe and got all the way to the airport before realizing I didn't pack pants or my camera.

If you need to reach me before May 1, please write courtesy of:

C. F. Earbrass
Odd Hobbies Manor
Collapsed Pudding, Mortshire.

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