Que Sera Sera

Are we having fun yet?

Last weekend I was in Chicago to celebrate my friend Tony’s 30th birthday. Tony is officially my oldest friend, not because he’s thirty, but because I’ve known him since we were eight years old and are still currently BFF. Tony once dressed as a piece of pizza for my going away party. This is only one of the many things to love about Tony. Tony is also married to my best friend Emily, which is great for me, in terms of friend locale and convenience. Emily organized a super secret weekend of awesome for Tony, arranging for all of his friends to fly in and surprise him for his birthday. Sort of like the Superfriends, but with more drinking and bruises.

We got Tony really, really good, each of us surprising him separately throughout a 24 hour period, usually by jumping out of somewhere and tackling him. Thankfully he didn’t succumb to any heart attacks, and lived to spend his birthday weekend snapping into Slim Jims and ramming his best friends repeatedly with bumper cars. We had the best sushi of my life, courtesy of a wizard named Sushi Mike, and were introduced to my new favorite thing, Whirlyball, which Brian Byrne aptly described as “sort of like lacrosse, but without the rape.” Ohh, the search strings this paragraph alone will generate.

Anyway, it was a really fun weekend. I like Chicago a lot. It has all of the perks of living in a major city (great restaurants, charming walking neighborhoods, public transportation), combined with all of the perks of living in the suburbs (big homes, driving a car without wanting to kill yourself). I’m sure I somehow managed to insult some Chicagoan with that remark, but I mean it as a compliment. Chicago is my #1 city for my friends to move to, if they can’t move to New York. Like when you’re in a relationship and you meet someone cool, so you set your best friend up with them. I’m glad people are out there dating Chicago for me, because I got my hands full with New York for a long time coming.

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