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Cringe in Paste

paste inside full
Originally uploaded by Sarah Brown.

There’s a great article about Cringe written by Evie Nagy in this month’s Paste magazine, the one with Modest Mouse underwater on the cover. My good friend Jay got his issue in the mail yesterday and sent me these pictures. I’m so pleased for an article about Cringe to have finally gotten it all right, but slightly more pleased to have my name in the same article as Christian Bale, even if it came from my own quote. Do you think he has like a press secretary who does nothing but search for mentions of him all day and then brings him the findings in a giant scrapbook which Christian leafs through while eating a turkey leg and drinking mead? And maybe he’s wearing some sort of leather jerkin.

Anyway. There are also several great quotes from John Oliver of The Daily Show, as well as many of the awesome regular Cringe readers. You can read the article if you view the photos in the larger size.

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