Que Sera Sera

Last Night

Totally awesome. Thanks to everyone who read, and to everyone who came out and packed the place and didn’t die from heat stroke. I was really glad they interviewed me at the beginning of the evening, before my face had melted all the way off. When we left the bar at midnight, I ran through a water fountain in the park across the street, completely clothed. Anyway. The Nightline segment should air sometime next week, not this Friday as originally thought. I’ll post here as soon as the producer lets me know the exact date. This is good, since my mother needs some time to let everyone in the state of Oklahoma know about this change of plans. Seriously, my seventh grade Spanish teacher left me a voicemail the other day. She said, “Hey Sarah, I ran into your parents this weekend, and your mom told me all about Cringe on TV!” Ms. Peña, you rule, and thanks for giving me that Doors poster in 1990.

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