Que Sera Sera

We were throwing furniture off the roof/We'd watch it shatter on the ground below

Clicking on the image above will allow you to view pictures from our double birthday party on Ryan's roof Saturday. It was a good party, at least as far as I was concerned, probably because I was on a Spodie drip and not at all involved with the unnamed parties who started throwing vodka bottles off the the roof onto the roof across the street, breaking that building’s skylight and causing the cops to show up. This marks the second year in a row that the cops have made an appearance at our birthday party, so now it’s like a tradition or something. The downside is that Ryan might be getting evicted, which is bogus because it was those OTHER people on the roof who threw the barbecue grill that landed the car on the street below, but anyway: pictures.

God, are you loving this summer as much as I am so far?

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