Que Sera Sera

What are you, a wizard? A genius?

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree, and Liz’s boyfriend Rob came over to help. It was Rob’s first time to decorate a Christmas tree, and he really threw himself into it, singing along to Last Christmas by Wham! and helping string the lights and even putting the star on top. My mom had sent these little painted glass Santas to go over some of the lights, and Rob kept saying, “Who’s this guy?” and we’d say, “That’s Santa,” and he’d say, “Why’s he wearing blue then?” and I said, “They’re all in different colors… they’re like Santas of the World or something. See, this Santa is wearing white,” and Rob said, “Oh, like Arctic Force Santa! Ice Planet Hoth Santa! Who’s this one in purple?” and Liz said, “That’s SANTA, Rob,” and he said, “Whatever; he’s a bearded guy wearing purple robes! He’s obviously a wizard!”

Later on I caught Rob leaning in close to one of the shiny red reflective balls on the tree, making faces and gesturing wildly with his hands. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, “This is awesome! It’s like being in your own rap video! I can’t stand THE RAIN!”

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