Que Sera Sera


Yesterday I was afraid I’d bounced the rent check and had a horrible head cold and was bummed to be back at work after my long weekend with Laura, and was just generally filled with seething miserable bile, and therefore was so inspired to make the following list with my colleague Aaron Abrams:

People Who Should Watch Their Backs If I Had a Gun and a Time Machine

Joe McCarthy
John Wilkes Booth
Scrappy Doo
entire cast of Charles in Charge
Mssrs. Abercrombie and Fitch
maybe one Tyrannosaurus Rex, just for bragging rights
Kate Capshaw, circa Temple of Doom
Jeff Foxworthy
Thomas Jefferson
The Gin Blossoms

Then I went home from work and took a long bubble bath while drinking a whiskey and lemonade from the skull of Dakota Fanning, and felt a little bit better. And then today Emily’s mom was in town and she took me to lunch, and man, the surefire cure to a rotten mood is getting to eat lunch with your best friend’s mom, and she buys your lunch, and then hugs you and tells you you’re doing great. AND THEN I came back from lunch and emailed Emily to tell her how great her mom was, and she wrote back, “Did she tell you stories about Omar and Nacho?” and I said, “Uh, no, who are Omar and Nacho?” and she said, “They’re the two dudes who are laying the tile in her new bathroom. She gives them cookies and Dr Pepper,” and now I’m probably in the best mood ever.

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