Que Sera Sera


Ryan: Andrew’s a filmmaker, and Sarah’s a writer.
Sarah (this always feels like a big fat embarrassing lie so I try to start talking first): What kind of films?
Andrew: Have you ever heard of Funny Ha Ha?
Sarah: Yes. Although I’m not sure how.
Andrew: It’s this movie I made with—
Sarah: Wait! With Christian Rudder from Bishop Allen!
Andrew: Yes! Have you seen it?
Sarah: Yes! I mean, no! I read about it online and recommended it to the Living Arts Council in Tulsa when I was on the committee, and they showed it, but I was out of town when they did!
Andrew: Tulsa! That’s the first place it ever showed!
Sarah: !!!
Andrew: !!!

I have to admit, this made me feel really fucking cool, at least until I sneezed all over my slice of pizza on the way home.

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