Que Sera Sera


Team REO Speedragon was rallying hard at the Pub Quiz tonight at Last Exit, and while I’m happy to report that we came in only a few points behind the winners, Team Tight Like Betty White, and that both my past fascination with the Olsen twins and my current obsession with Abraham Lincoln paid off when it came to some crucial questions, I am unhappy to report that the current president of the borough of Manhattan is not, in fact, Buttsex Johnson. Some members of Team REO Speedragon would also like to take issue with the fact that a Pabst Blue Ribbon trucker hat is hardly a suitable second (or third or fourth) place prize when the first place prize is $400 cash, but instead we’ll quit our bitching and come prepared to win next week. Do you hear that, Team Something About Exposed Midriff That Greg Will Remind Me Of Tomorrow Morning? That sound you hear is the smell of what Team REO Speedragon is cooking, or something similarly ominous like that.

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