Que Sera Sera

I guess I should update this or something

I could write your ear off about my lost weekend spent holed up in a hotel room with a cute boy, leaving only to get cake and coffee at 11 pm or hold hands in the planetarium, but I think instead I’ll keep it to myself. My luck in all things seems to have done a giant flip-flop for the better, and I’d hate to jinx it. Instead I’ll share some diversionary anecdotes that had nothing at all to do with my past 7-10 days:

Diversionary Anecdote #1:

Recently I did some temping at a Giant Cosmetics Empire, where I sat in for the receptionists when they took their breaks and read books and did crosswords; basically what I do at home, only I wore shoes and got paid for it. Anyway, my favorite receptionist was Barb, who had an awesome weave and those fake nails with tiny flowers airbrushed on. Barb does not take any shit from anyone, including Ashanti. I’m not quite sure when Ashanti tried to step to her, but Barb was having none of it. Barb had little notes taped all over her desk that said things like, “DUE TO THE RECENT CONDITION OF THIS DESK!!! NO EATING AND DRINKING!” and “RETURN ALL MY PENS!!! TO ME!!” Barb told me all about how she spent $714 on a portable DVD player and an iPod last weekend, and they will be in mint condition 10 years from now because she takes GOOD care of her things, UNLIKE Jacqueline on the 40th floor who has already broken her new headphones. Barb had such disdain in her voice when she told me this story that I sat up straighter. Fortunately, Barb thought I was cool, so she offered me her CD collection to listen to on the computer. It was all Sade. I kind of loved Barb.

Diversionary Anecdote #2:

A foul-tempered little man was using a folded magazine to bat people out of his way while fighting down the subway steps at 42nd Street. The exposed article’s headline? Why Be Nice: A Psychological Explanation on the Effects of Cooperation.

That’s all I got. Starting tomorrow, I’m a working girl again. Nothing too glamorous or exciting, but it’s money, honey, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 26 years, it’s that love don’t pay the bills. It will, however, run across the street and buy you an iced coffee while you dry your hair, and what’s not to like about that?

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