Que Sera Sera

Shouts Out

To my awesome roommate Liz, for adding me as her +1 to a pre-show pizza party with The Hold Steady. Those are two of my favorite things combined, like chocolate and peanut butter, or whiskey and sour.

To Greg, for taking me for a ride on his sparkly red ’69 Vespa for italian ices on Sunday afternoon.

To my other awesome but now former roommate Laura, for quitting her job and moving to France and somehow managing to pack all of her clothes and shoes AND a mandolin in one giant suitcase. Balls of steel.

To my new roommate A., for watching the Oscars with me within three hours of our meeting, and for hating Julia Roberts to a degree I thought only I could summon.

To my new roommate A.’s boyfriend J., for screaming at the same time as me when I emerged from my room in a towel on my way to the shower, not knowing he was in the apartment, and then quickly regaining composure and covering his eyes with his hand and totally just starting a conversation. Buddy, you’re all right.

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