Que Sera Sera

Love is

I woke up while he was removing my watch. He was trying to be quiet, but he was accidentally pinching my skin, so I rolled over halfway and held my arm off the side of the bed in a sleepy attempt at helpfulness. My shoes were already on the floor, my legs already under the covers. I nodded off again before the watch was off my wrist, only to wake up at 6 am and sit straight up in the bed, gasping for air and gripping the sheet and remembering, “The alarm!” Without opening his eyes, he yawned and said, “I set it last night,” curling his arm around my side and falling back asleep with his face in my hair. I had two more hours until I had to be up, but all I could do was lie there in bed, smiling at the ceiling, because I had found the man who would set my alarm.

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