Que Sera Sera

Nailed to the nightlife

On Saturday night we saw Les Savy Fav and The Hold Steady at Northsix. At one point, Craig Finn dorked out and rocked out so hard simultaneously that he actually broke his glasses mid-song. Ryan said, “This sounds like Led Zeppelin meets Microsoft Office or something.” Then Ryan stumbled to the bar while wearing his earflap hat, promptly picked up some girl, and was MIA for the rest of the evening. Les Savy Fav were fantastic, but my favorite part was at the very end of the show, when I’d came back from the coat check room looking for Stephen, and I found him at the bar doing shots with Tim Harrington like they were old buddies. This was approximately two seconds after Tim Harrington had been performing. Never underestimate the quickness of drunken affinity.

During Les Savy Fav’s encore, Craig Finn came up to me and said, “I like your shirt,” and I said, “Thanks, I like your band,” and then we started talking, and at one point he stopped and asked me my name and then introduced himself to me, like I didn’t already know who he was. He asked me how I knew Lifter Puller, and I gave all the credit to the ex-boyfriend who lived in Minneapolis, and he asked, “Oh, do I know him?” and I sort of wanted to hug him.

Today I talked to my mom on the phone and she told me all kinds of Tulsa gossip about fistfights and sixth grade boys and eighth grade sluts. It’s important to keep abreast of your local current events.

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