Que Sera Sera


Last night Ryan and I saw The Cooler, which was enjoyable despite the surprise appearance by William H. Macy’s nutsack. It showed up at the end of a sex scene, but you only realized what was about to happen seconds before the camera panned down that far, and you suddenly wanted to scream no no no NO WAIT! I was caught offguard, and Ryan made this fantastic sound like a shriek got stuck in his throat. Afterwards, as we put on our gloves and hats and headed back outside, he broke the silence with, “So, that was just William H. Macy’s nutsack, huh?” This made me laugh up until, like, now.

Updated list of totally embarrassing but guaranteed ways to make me laugh: jokes with punchlines that involve two thumbs and the words “this guy!”; the phrase “William H. Macy’s nutsack.”

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