Que Sera Sera


I’ve been sort of busy.

I spent the first half of Friday on a plane headed back to Oklahoma, and due to my heavy dose of dramamine, the second half passed out on my parents’ couch with our collie by my side.

Saturday night began at a Christmas gathering with old family friends where there was a sort of impromptu talent show, with some people playing guitar or piano, and some people chugging beers in 3 seconds. I performed my one and only party trick before heading out to the bar and meeting up with every single wonderful person I know, including a charmingly drunk Mrs. Byrne, who systematically tore her hose and then removed her underthings while still at the table.

Last night I planned a quiet evening at home with my parents, watching TV and eating cupcakes, but then my phone rang at 10 and I found myself downtown at the railroad tracks around 3 am, hopping trains with a person in an excellent coat who has had admitted to having sex in a library, and is therefore sort of my hero.

Tonight I saw LOTR: ROTKTRLTKTKTK with Tony and Emily and my sweet sweet Cameron, who is approximately 8 feet tall and held my hand all through the spider parts and then let me wear his coat in the rain. I thought I was going to come home and get to bed so I could get up early and go buy my dad spy binoculars, but I just got a voicemail from my friend Josh, calling from what sounded suspiciously like a speakeasy, and demanding I meet him for two-stepping and bourbon-drinking. When I called him back and asked what he was up to, he said in his slow sly voice, “I’m looking for a whole heap of trouble,” so it looks like bedtime’s coming late again for me tonight.

The rest of this trip holds the promise of a new baby, a wedding, a hotel, and visits with deranged extended family members, not to mention Christmas, but right now, I have some trouble to find.

I trust you’re doing well.

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