Que Sera Sera

Ladies’ Night:

Last night, my apartment. Much wine and toenail painting, although no lingerie pillow fights. (Those are for the slumber parties.) And much Michael Jackson Special on CBS (the second time for me, sadly), and much Barbie Queen of the Prom Drinking Game, which is the best drinking game ever, if your goal is to get really drunk. How to play? Drink whenever the game is being sexist! And the game is always sexist! A good example square: “He criticizes your hairdo! Miss a turn.”

In order to become Queen of the Prom, you must buy a dress (“Silken Flame” is my personal favorite), become president of a class organization, and go steady. Your boyfriend choices are Ken (who we all know can’t get it up without thinking of his mother), Tom (the cool glasses science boy whom I burn for), Poindexter (who will surely one day rule a vast technological empire), and Bob, of the thick neck and blond crewcut. (Go ahead and just call him Biff. I do.)

The side of the box, a replica of the original 1961 game, says “A fun game with real-life appeal for all girls!” Hell yeah. (Don’t tell, but I played with Brian last week, and he totally won. He even got Biff as a boyfriend, and the “Solo in the Spotlight” dress. He sulked a little, but looked so cute in the crown.)

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