Que Sera Sera

Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast:

Last night, at the Holiday Inn Select: Rusty Davis, world-famous Wayne Newton impersonator!

After the show, Jon called him over and bought him a drink, so he sat at our table and told us how he got into the impersonator business, how he was in a band in the mid ‘60s with a hit in the top ten (I didn’t recognize it, and I listen to a lot of oldies), and how he lives across the street from Gladys Knight and down the street from the real Wayne Newton, who sometimes pays him a grand to just walk around his ranch when there are camera crews the real Wayne “doesn’t want to deal with.”

He had 32 diamonds on one ring alone. He requested a Fuzzy Navel. Erin and I got a picture with him that will most certainly end up on T-shirts and mousepads and homemade calendars.

Next week at the Holiday Inn Select: Buddy Holly impersonator!

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