Que Sera Sera

I am officially an old lady:

I saw Gosford Park with my parents earlier today. I wouldn’t recommend it, and I’m always a sucker for any movie about some tweedy Brits holed up in a country house. It was pretty boring, and very slow-going… although slow-going insinuates that at some point it picks up. Definitely a rental, if anything. Still can’t resist those accents, though. I will date a British boy before I die, mark my words. Or at least kiss one.

I spent the earlier part of the day finally writing my Christmas thank you notes (so late this year! I have no idea why; I love anything involving stationery) and watching Antiques Roadshow. My favorite bits are the little in-betweeners of people in line. When I went with my parents last summer, they filmed my dad for one, but they never aired it. Also, a 50 year old woman jumped in front of me to get Dan Elias’s autograph while I was at the Silver table. I bet he gets a lot of that.

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