Que Sera Sera

Independence Day:

Last year’s Fourth of July sucked. I was sad and mad, and in a rough place, and I spent it holed up in my parents’ darkened living room with unwashed hair, watching The Godfather II and crying. My parents were not there. They went to watch the fireworks downtown, as they have done every year of my life. Last year was the first year I did not go. I wallowed instead. I was due for a good wallow, as everyone is now and then. Checks and balances. Cleans the system.

This year there will be no wallowing. This year I will go to Emily’s barbecue and Lauren’s party, and then walk down to the park with my friends. This year I will sit on the blanket and drink beers and talk to the families with babies and dogs next to us. This year I will lean back on my elbows and watch the fireworks and smile, because this year, you will be there.

I can’t wait.

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