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Viggo, or, The Coolest Thing Ever:

Remember the Young Guns 2 Haiku Contest? Remember Jackie-O’s co-winning submission, about Viggo Mortensen? I recently received this email from her:


I thought you might appreciate this story. I attended this event last night where Viggo Mortensen would be reading (he has a book of poetry out). My friends and I decided it would be really funny if I showed Viggo my haiku about him. So I waited in line (you would not have BELIEVED some of the people in line—there were a ton of people who asked him to hug or kiss them, and the camera flashes were enough to blind a poor girl who just wanted her haiku signed). I told him about your Young Guns II haiku contest, which he thought was hilarious. Then I was like, so I was a co-winner, and this was the winning poem, inspired by him and told him I hoped he’d be amused. He took it from me and this grin spread across his face (all this while my friend is standing next to me trying not to burst out laughing), and then he asked me what my name was and signed it:

“Thanks, Amber! (little pen-drawn heart), Viggo.”

So that’s my story. Young Guns II Haiku spreading joy across the land.

Hope you have a good weekend,

Edited to add: Mrs. Kennedy, you’d best get cracking on James Coburn.

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