Que Sera Sera


The best person to play What’s Better? with is a seven year old, because they back their answers up effortlessly and establish this cool rhythm; you set them up and they knock them down. Like, if you say, “What’s better, ninjas or samurai?”, a seven year old will say, “ninjas, because samurai have bamboo armor but ninjas are really good climbers.” And if you say, “What’s better, fire or ice?”, he will answer without hesitation, “ice, because you can melt it and turn it into water.” And even if you think you’re throwing him a curveball, like, “What’s better, a saber-tooth tiger or a ghost?”, he doesn’t miss a beat with, “a ghost, because they cannot be cut with a knife.”

Also, seven year olds know all kinds of things right off the top of their heads that I’m not sure I ever knew, like how fast a cheetah runs and whether or not humpback whales have blood that a vampire could easily access. The big winners were pizza, ninjas, Boba Fett, and Princess Mononoke, and he didn’t even flinch when I tried to zing him with, “Dragons or dinosaurs?,” but just gave me a pitying look and totally schooled me with, “Sarah, dragons breathe fire,” and I really did feel foolish. Want to know how to stump him, though? “What’s better, pizza or ice cream?”

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