Que Sera Sera

So far:

I am having the best time ever here in New York, even though my right foot is covered in blisters and I’m a bit concerned that my deodorant may have just thrown in the towel. Ryan is a gracious host, and also a walking encyclopedia. I seriously think he might know more things than God, and if they’re not all true, he’s an excellent bluffer. If this whole newspaper gig doesn’t work out, he could have a promising career as either Emperor or a professional poker player.

Yesterday the lovely, talented and unbelievably hot Jackie-O escorted me all over the city. We met Ryan and his friend Chris for lunch, where the company credit card bought us filet mignon in a restaurant that used to be J.P. Morgan’s apartment. Then we rode the Staten Island Ferry and I have to admit, I was kind of unimpressed with the Statue of Liberty. After seeing her in movies my whole life, I was kind of disappointed to see that she’s not really all that tall in person.

Later we met up with Liz and Sarah and Bryan at the Gowanus Yacht Club for hot dogs and $1 PBRs. I love Liz because she told me my toes were so cute she wanted to eat them, asked to touch my hair, and then kissed me. Four times. Sarah had the most impossibly fabulous bangs and an equally adorable boyfriend, and while Bryan spent most of happy hour putting his camera down his shirt and taking pictures of his own nipple, he totally won me over when, hours later at some bar in the Lower East Side, we both noticed an unattended vaguely vodka-looking drink on the bar and decided to split it. That’s my kind of people.

Also, I talked to Christian Rudder on the phone this morning while still in my pajamas, and then when I hung up I had to call an emergency meeting of the Babysitters Club with Ryan to discuss how I’d just talked to Christian Rudder on the phone while wearing my pajamas. Ryan is a true blue trooper.

Now we’re headed to a secret barbecue and then to a Yankees-Red Sox game, and then to some party on a rooftop. More details as they become available. Scarecrow, I miss you most of all.

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