Que Sera Sera


The very short list of things that will not impress boys: – when you casually remark that that “stuck between the moon and New York City” song is actually called “Arthur’s Theme”

In other news, last night Boothe and I went over to Emily’s to watch the Designing Women reunion on Lifetime. This was sort of a reunion for us too, because we spent much of our senior year of college on the couch watching Designing Women and Golden Girls. Although I much prefer the silk dresses and violent hairstyles of the DW to the lanai and the post-menopause sexual innuendo of the GG, and I feel a dull heat throughout my body whenever Julia Sugarbaker goes off on some unsuspecting chump, I really could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that Dixie Carter refers to her nether regions as her “fancy.”

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