Que Sera Sera

Give me a minute:

So, my move date is in less than two weeks, and I’ve been a little stressed lately. I seem to respond to stress by becoming an emotional powderkeg and also ridiculously nostalgic, because one minute I’ll be fine and the next I’ll be like OH MY GOD BATHTUB I’M GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH. The other night Emily mentioned baby elephants and I totally started crying. It’s insane. It’s like I’ve become someone’s teary beery uncle at Christmas, and I’ll be hanging out, just sitting on the couch or at the bar, and someone will say something funny and we’ll all laugh and I suddenly want to grab everyone I know and give them a big hug and then hide them in my pocket. I’ve even started missing people who DON’T EVEN LIVE IN THIS STATE, so if you know me and you live far away and you get some long rambling message on your phone, just tell me to go to bed and call you when I get to New York.

That said, tomorrow night there’s going to be the hugest going away party ever at the skunkhouse, so if you’ve ever met me, come on out. Emily called today to say that Tony’s already taken the sheets off the guest bed and put them on the floor outside the door so I can sleep where I fall. All of my current in-state roster of friends will be in attendance, along with rumored appearances by former co-workers, people I might or might not currently be kissing, my childhood best friend who is 9 months pregnant, and my first high school boyfriend. Even my parents might drop by for a little while, and I guarantee you have never seen anything cuter than my mom after two margaritas. Except for maybe baby elephants. Oh my God. With the eyelashes! I have to go now.

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