Que Sera Sera

Run’s House:

Due to a small delay, I’m staying with my parents for a few extra days before we hit the road. It’s nice to have a few more days to see people and hang out, but living at my parents’ house again is really weird. It’s even weirder because my brother has gone away to school now, so it’s just the three of us, and I have the whole upstairs to myself, so I find myself keeping a running list in my head of the good and the bad.



So it’s a little surreal and trying at times, but it’s nice to have extra time with people. And it was totally worth it all because last night I went to the fair with Tony and Emily and Lauren and ate corndogs and fried pickles and frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick, and I could feel my body expanding like the universe, and saw a butter sculpture of Elvis, and sang “Happy Birthday” Marilyn Monroe-style to a local newscaster, and then I rode a mechanical bull in front of about 100 shouting vaqueros, so I think my work here is done.

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