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Hey internet, what’s up? I never meant to let this site go completely dormant for a year. And I really didn’t mean for it to look like “I got married, smell ya later!” or “then they lived happily ever after” or anything like that by letting my last post be the one where I talked about our wedding. We moved back to the U.S. and got married and then got pretty busy keeping our heads above water and enjoying marital bliss and all that, and I had a big plan to redesign this site (guess what, I finally got sick of the white text on a black background too), but that was pretty low on my to do list and also would cost money I preferred to spend on orange juice at the time (whether or not we can afford orange juice is how we view our fiscal situation), and also my old computer wouldn’t let me log in to Moveable Type for some reason, and then months later that computer died, so I couldn’t write on anything larger than my iPhone screen. Also I got an iPhone. Then I played Yahtzee Adventures for three months straight and then last week I got an email notifying me it was time to pay my hosting company again and I was like, hey genius, you just spent a year pouring so much orange juice money into a comatose Que Sera Sera. And then yesterday I was like, huh, it might be fun to write a blog post. So I took a nap. But here I am now! Unexpected, super late, rambling and making no promises, just like you like(d) me!

To be fair, I wrote several blog posts over the past year, just in my head, while in the shower. And while I did receive some very nice emails from very nice people saying they missed my writing, I would like to point out that I have been updating my Tumblr pretty regularly for the past four years. Sometimes I just reblog pictures of baby elephants, and I realize that’s not everyone’s jam, but in 2011 alone I wrote about shoes, apostrophes, the J. Crew catalog, culinary issues relating to my family, marriage and fucking up, started and abandoned another Tumblr with Nalini, and did some performance art shit with Other Sarah Browns, so I’m just saying, I’ve been around.

So what’s been going on. In 2011 I was really into watching Game of Thrones on HBO, which led to Nick and me spending the entire summer reading the George R. R. Martin series and saying OH MY GOD and WHAT and NOTHING WHAT PAGE ARE YOU ON to each other a lot. We were also super into season one of Downton Abbey, before they burned it to the horrible soap opera ground in season two.

People tend to say things like, “How’s married life?” or “how do you like being married?” which are sort of weird, hard to answer questions, but being married to Nick is awesome. I like having dinner and watching Jeopardy with him every night. We received a record player as a wedding gift and we spend a lot of evenings drinking gin and tonics, catching up on gossip and listening to records. Does that sound super pretentious, boring and cliché? Whatever, it’s one of my favorite parts of my life at the moment. 2011 was also the first time in our relationship that we could both legally work in the same country at the same time, and after two years of being broke and stressed, the novelty of being able to buy a round/pizza/sweater on a whim has yet to wear off. This whole double income/no kids thing is pretty sweet.

I’d still like to do a major overhaul and redesign this site and all that, but maybe I should buy a new computer first. We’ll see. Anyway, I have to go now because it has been brought to my attention that there are nachos in the living room, but I have opinions to share about that Mindy Kaling book and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that are too long for Twitter so I’ll probably write again soon. At least before 2013.

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